120kg Home Gym Package – Squat Stand + 100kg Plates + Bench + Bar


Excellent Multi-Functional Unit For Your Home Or Garage Gym

Heavy Duty Build Stand Supports Up To 300kg Load

Commercial 20kg Barbel – 680kg Load Capacity

100kg Tri Grip Cast Iron Plates Set

Durable Construction Bench – Max Loading Weight 300kg

Adjustable 7 Backrest Positions, 4 Seat Positions

Complete 120kg Package For Any Home Or Garage Gym

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The 120kg Home Gym Package – Squat Stand + 100kg Plates + Bench + Bar:

C.G.E MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SQUAT STAND: Is perfect solution for anyone looking for an all-in-one squat stand. Featuring two J-hooks to mount a bar to allow you to squat, press or bench just like any rack, with included two safety spotting arms, this Multi-Functional Stand ensures complete safety at all your workout times. The squat stand also features an adjustable pull-up bar which enables you to adjust the height depending on what exercise you are performing. There is no limit to the exercises you can perform on this Multi-Functional Squat Stand.

100KG TRI GRIP CAST IRON PLATES: Our Cast Iron Plates are made to the highest quality ensuring longevity and stylish design. Solid construction and effective in design makes them perfect for everyday gym and home use. Ergonomically designed, Tri-Grip handles makes it very easy and safe to handle whilst also looking sharp with hammertone grey finishing and large display of KG sizing.

HOME GYM ADJUSTABLE BENCH: The ideal multi-purpose bench for anyone just starting out with weights or those who have more experience in weight training. The back pad adjusts from upright various incline positions to a flat and decline position, which is great for abdomen workout. This Adjustable Bench can provide you a variety of exercises and is great for bench press, shoulder press, sit ups, back exercises and more. It’s a great multi-functional adjustable bench for a full body workout at your home gym.

OLYMPIC BARBELL: This 20kg Olympic Bar features a 28mm shaft, 8 bearings, no center knurling, and single knurl markings for weightlifting or power-lifting. It has been rated at a 680kg (1500lbs) maximum load so you can take your weight training to the maximum! Fitted for Olympic weights, which are 2-inches in diameter


Package Includes:

    • C.G.E Multi-Functional Squat Stand
    • Home Gym Adjustable Bench
    • 100kg Tri Grip Cast Iron Plates Set
    • 20kg Commercial Olympic Barbell (Rated 680kg)

package features:

      • Stand made of 60 x 60 x 2mm steel box
      • Max weight capacity 300kg
      • Triangle reinforced plates for extra durability and stability
      • Adjustable spotting arms
      • Includes 2 J hooks
      • Strengthened multi-grip chin-up bar
      • T-Bar row attachment
      • Dipping bar that is attached to a spotting arms
      • Power band pegs
      • Boxing bag hook
      • 100kg set includes: 2x5kg, 2x10kg, 2x15kg, 2x20kg plates
      • Durable frame construction
      • Folding design for easy storage
      • Maximum loading weight 300kg
      • Large, thick and comfortable foam padding
      • Adjustable from decline to incline positions
      • Back rest seat adjustable to 7 different positions
      • Seat adjustable to 4 height positions

Squat Stand Dimensions:

    • Length – 133cm
    • Width – 165cm
    • Height – 215cm
    • Weight – 57kg


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