C.G.E Full Commercial Half Rack 170KG Strength Package

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Full Commercial Half Rack

Fully Adjustable Commercial Bench (Decline-Flat-Incline)

Pro Commercial 20kg Barbel With 680kg Load Capacity

CGE 150kg Bumper Plates Set

Complete Package For Any Full Commercial Facility

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The C.G.E Full Commercial Half Rack 170KG Strength Package:

C.G.E FULL COMMERCIAL HALF RACK: This full commercial Half Rack is perfect addition to any commercial gym, fitness studio or home set up. With thicker steel tubing, extra long reinforced spotter arms and easily adjustable J hooks this Half Rack is great choice if you are training without a spotter.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE COMMERCIAL BENCH: This is a really solid, heavy duty bench, great for various dumbbell and barbell workouts. Thanks to a thickened frame that can hold up to 500kg. It has compact wheels for easy move around, lock in feet foam rollers for decline exercises, and durable foam padding for comfort and stability when training.

BUMPER PLATES SET: Our Olympic Bumper plates are made from 100% hard rubber. Designed with durability and performance in mind, our bumper plates are crafted to withstand the toughest workouts and provide long-lasting use. Rubber plates is also quieter than metal plates and less likely to damage training area or gym floors.

PRO OLYMPIC BARBELL: This 20kg Olympic Bar features a 28mm shaft, bearings, no center knurling, and single knurl markings for weightlifting or power-lifting. It has been rated at a 680kg (1500lbs) maximum load so you can take your weight training to the maximum! Fitted for Olympic weights, which are 2-inches in diameter


Package Includes:

    • C.G.E Full Commercial Half Rack
    • Full Commercial Adjustable Bench
    • 150kg C.G.E Bumper Plates Set
    • 20kg Commercial Olympic Barbell with Clamp Collars


Package Features:

      • Half Rack made from 75 x 75 x 3mm steel box
      • Heavy duty frame construction with massive weight capacity up to 450kg
      • Full commercial grade
      • Color: All mat black
      • Extra strong adjustable safety bars
      • Includes 2 J hooks
      • Multi grip chin-up bar
      • Power band pegs
      • 6 Barbell storage
      • Fully adjustable commercial bench
      • 20kg Pro Olympic Barbell 680kg max load
      • Black clamp collars


Half Rack Dimensions:

    • Length – 177cm
    • Width – 170cm
    • Height – 235cm
    • Weight – 125kg


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