Olympic Flat Bench Press A1

A1 Olympic Flat Bench Press

695,00 825,00  + VAT

Classic Olympic Flat Bench Press

Spotter Platform At The Back Of Bench

Full Commercial Use


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A1X Olympic Flat Bench Press

695,00  + VAT

Adjustable Lift Off Pegs Height

Heavy Duty Design – This Bench Is Built To Last And Can Take Up To 500kg

Spotting Platform

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Olympic incline bench-press-a2

A2 Olympic Incline Chest Press

695,00 825,00  + VAT

Target Upper Chest Muscles With Our Olympic Bench Press

Adjustable Seat Position To Suit All Body Sizes

Heavy Duty Construction

Full Commercial Use


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A2X Incline Bench Press (Adjustable)

735,00 915,00  + VAT

Target The Upper Chest With This Adjustable Angle Bench (20 – 40 degrees)

Adjustable Seat Position To Suit All Body Sizes

Spotter Platform At The Back

Bar Lift Off 3 Positions

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A3 Olympic Decline Bench Press

765,00 915,00  + VAT

Perfect Bench To Grow Lower Chest Muscles

Adjustable Shin Pads

Put More Stress On Chest Muscles Then On Shoulders With This Bench


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A4 Adjustable Bench Press

695,00 795,00  + VAT

Flat + Three Incline Angle Positions

Adjustable Barbell Racking Height

Great Overall Chest Developing Bench

Adjustable Sliding In And Out Bench Position


NOTE: This item is made on order basis. So please allow 10-12 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

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AA1 Competition Olympic Bench

1.015,00  + VAT

Designed To Meet International Power-Lifting Federation Technical Rules

Spotter Platform

Power Band Resistance Pegs


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AA1X Competition Style Bench With Squat Stand

1.450,00 1.600,00  + VAT

Competition Style Combo Rack Allows Both Squat and Bench Press

Fully Adjustable To Suit All User Heights With Option For Disabled Users

Leverage System Allows Height Adjustment With The Loaded Bar In Place

Easily Detachable Bench Press Section

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Adjustable Commercial Bench


Great Bench For Any Commercial Fitness Facility Or Home Gym

Heavy Duty Adjustable Bench, Can Hold Up To 280kg

Stable & Secure Bench For All Your Workouts

Fully Adjustable To Incline – Flat – Decline Positions

Seat Adjustable To 3 Positions

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C.G.E Flat Bench


Breathable PU Leather Is Non Slip, Toxic Free, Water and Sweat Resistant

Heavy Duty Steel Frame Can Take Up To 250kg

Great For Home And Any Light Commercial Use

Transportation Wheels For Easy Move Around

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E1 Adjustable Abs Crunch Bench

335,00 395,00  + VAT

Adjustable Angle To Meet Different Levels Of Training

Multi Purpose Use – Abs Crunch, Decline Chest Press,

Heavy Duty Steel Frame design Ensures Long Lasting Use


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F1X Preacher Curl Bench

355,00  + VAT

Seated Preacher Curls Isolates The Biceps Like No Other Machine

Adjustable Seating Height

Can Be Used With Dumbbells And Either EZ Bars Or Straight Bars


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F2 Standing Two Sided Preacher Curl Bench

395,00 465,00  + VAT

Two Different Angles 45 and 90 Degrees

Adjustable Support Padding Height

Quick And Easy Adjustments


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F2x standing preacher curl

F2X Standing Two Sided Preacher Bench

415,00 475,00  + VAT

Two Different Angles 45 and 90 Degrees

Combine This Bench With Either Dumbbells Or Barbells

Sturdy Fully Welded Construction


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Flat-Incline Adjustable Commercial Bench


Great Bench For Any Commercial Fitness Facility Or Home Gym

Heavy Duty Adjustable Bench, With Max Weight Up To 350kg

Stable & Secure Bench For All Your Workouts

Adjustable From Flat To 5 Incline Positions

Built To Handle High Volume Usage

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J1 Flat Bench

265,00 315,00  + VAT

Sturdy Bench For Home And Commercial Gyms

Heavy Duty Steel Construction – Built To Last

Build In Wheels For Easy Transportation

Excellent For Any Barbells Or Dumbbells Workout

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J2 Adjustable Bench

J2 Adjustable Bench

410,00 480,00  + VAT

Adjustable Back Rest To 7 Positions

Adjustable Seat Height To 4 Positions

Full Range From Decline To Incline

Get a Full Body Workout Wit This Adjustable Bench

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J3 Adjustable Bench

455,00 535,00  + VAT

Adjustable Back Rest To 7 Positions

Adjustable Seat Height To 3 Positions

Full Range From Decline To Incline

Feet Pads For Support From Slipping Off The Bench


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J4 Stationery Bench

265,00 295,00  + VAT

Upright Bench For Upper Body Training

Ideal For Shoulder / Arm Workout

Fully Welded Sturdy Construction

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J4X Adjustable Bench

335,00 395,00  + VAT

Unique Adjustable Incline Bench

Great For Upper Body Training

Ergonomic Design To Reduce Injury And Increase Bio Mechanics



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