Squat Stands – 100kg Weights – 20kg Barbell – Bench Package


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Equipment Is Designed With Home Spaces In Mind

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With Adjustable Squat Stands And Bench – Tailor Your Workouts


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Squat Stands – 100kg Weights – 20kg Barbell – Bench Package

Elevate your home workout experience with our Squat Stands, Olympic Bar, Weight Plates and Home Bench package. A comprehensive solution designed to bring the power and versatility of the gym directly to your home.

Squat Stands: Our Free Standing Squat Stands are made from robust 50x50x2mm steel and provide a solid and stable foundation for your heaviest lifts. No wobbling, no compromises—just a secure platform for your workouts. In addition Stands comes with weight plates storage pins that will offer even extra stability when weights are placed on it.

20kg Olympic Barbell: This 20kg Olympic Bar features a 28mm shaft, bushing sleeves, knurl markings. It has been rated at a 450kg (1000lbs) maximum load so this bar is ideal for any home, garage or light commercial gym!

100kg Tri Grip Cast Iron Plates: Our Olympic Cast Iron Plates are made to the highest quality ensuring longevity and stylish design. Solid construction and effective in design makes them perfect for everyday gym and home use.

Home Gym Adjustable Bench: The ideal multi-purpose bench for anyone just starting out with weights or those who have more experience in weight training. The back pad adjusts from upright various incline positions to a flat and decline position.


Package Includes:

  • Pair Of Adjustable Squat Stands
  • 100kg Olympic Tri Grip Cast Iron Plates (2x5kg, 2x10kg, 2x15kg, 2x20kg)
  • 20kg Olympic Barbell (450kg rated) with Spring Collars
  • Home Gym Bench (rated 300kg)


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