Spiky Massage Balls Set


Relaxing, energizing, and stimulating blood flow

Ideal massage therapy to relieve muscle soreness

Spiky Massage Ball Set: Red (7cm) and Green (9cm)

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the spiky massage balls:

Spiky Massage Balls are designed to stimulate the deep tissue massage, blood circulation, pressure point, flexibility, and mobility. It is a widely used treatment for releasing feet, back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as relieving tension. Performing self-massage exercises and muscle release techniques is easy with our Spiky Massage Balls, simply roll the ball across the ailing tissue.

Our Spiky Massage Balls Set comes with two levels of hardness, which provides different levels of stimulation according to user’s preference. The Red ball 7cm in diameter is for the moderate massage, and the Green ball 9cm in diameter is for the strong level of stimulation.



  • Set includes Two Spiky Massage Balls: Red ball 7cm and Green ball 9cm
  • Two different levels of hardness: Red ball – Medium, Green ball – Hard
  • Increases blood flow leading to reduced muscle tension
  • Increases body energy flow through stimulating acupuncture meridian lines
  • Excellent for feet, legs, hands, back, neck and shoulder muscle tension relief
  • Made from durable and high quality material
  • Small enough to take with you anywhere


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