Ergonomic Grip Triceps Rope


Ergonomically Designed Handles That Contour To The Natural Shape The Hands

High-Quality Material Ensures Long-Lasting Performance And Reliability

Available In Two Sizes: 70cm (27.5 inch) and 110cm (43 inch)

Handles Textured Surface Provides A Non-Slip Grip During The Most Intense Workouts

At Least 30% More  Muscle Engagement


The Ergonomic Grip Triceps Rope:

Elevate your triceps training with our Ergonomic Grip Triceps Pushdown Rope – the perfect blend of comfort, durability and effectiveness. Whether you’re aiming to build muscle, increase strength, or improve overall fitness, this versatile and high-quality attachment will help you get there.

Compatible with most cable machines, our ergonomic triceps pushdown rope can be easily attached to your home gym or commercial fitness equipment. The dual-handle design allows for a full range of motion, ensuring optimal muscle engagement and activation. This versatility allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, targeting not only your triceps but also other muscle groups like the biceps, shoulders and abs.


Product Features:

  • Ergonomically designed handle for full palm grip
  • Available in 70cm (27.5 inch) and 110cm (43 inch) long
  • Made of strong nylon braided rope
  • Designed for maximum performance and muscle engagement
  • Activating at least 30% more muscle fibers.

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110cm (43 inch), 70cm (27.5 inch)


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