Double Grip Triceps Push Down Strap Attachment


Unique Dual-Grip Design That Allows For Multiple Hand Positions

Made From Heavy Duty Nylon And Reinforced Stitching

Extremely Durable And Long Lasting

Easily Fold Into Your Gym Bag And Carry In Hand When Travelling

Total Strap Length Approx 60cm (23.5 inch)


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The Double Grip Triceps Push Down Strap Attachment:

Our Double Grip Triceps Push Down Strap Attachment – the perfect addition to your strength training equipment, designed to provide optimal muscle engagement and comfort during your workouts. This versatile and durable attachment is ideal for targeting your triceps and enhancing your overall upper body training.

This Triceps Push Down Strap Attachment features a unique dual-grip design that allows for multiple hand positions. This versatility enables you to target your triceps from different angles, ensuring a comprehensive and effective workout

Beyond triceps pushdowns, this attachment is ideal for a variety of exercises, including bicep curls, face pulls, and abdominal crunches. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to diversify their workout routine and target multiple muscle groups.


Product Features:

  • Features double grip design
  • Grip 1  at 36cm, Grip 2 at 56cm
  • Total length approx 60cm (23.5 inch)
  • Built to withstand intense workouts
  • Neoprene padded grips
  • Lightweight and easy carry around
  • Attached D ring is compatible with all clip on cable machines
  • Great for triceps push-downs, bicep curls, overhead extensions and other cable machine exercises


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