TRX / Battle Rope Anchor


Durable And Solid Construction To Ensure Your Safety And Stability

This Anchor Can Be Attached To Walls, Ceilings Or Other Sturdy Structures

It’s Supplied With 2 Brick Wall And 2 Wooden Wall Bolts

Incorporate Functional Training And Full-Body Workouts

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The TRX / Battle Rope Anchor

This versatile piece of fitness equipment is designed to provide a secure anchor point for your TRX Suspension Trainer, Battle Ropes or Climb Ropes, allowing you to engage in full-body, functional workouts that build strength, stability, and endurance.


Product Features:

  • Made from heavy duty solid steel
  • Cross bar design
  • Suitable for mounting to walls, floors & ceilings
  • 2 Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Includes 2 brick wall and 2 wooden wall bolts
  • Reinforced metal end clip providing a solid attachment point to any rig, bar or mounting bracket
  • Heat-treated plastic end cap to prevent fraying for a lasting rope

Product Dimensions:

  • Overall Diameter 11.8cm
  • Internal Loop Height 3.8cm
  • Internal Loop Width 6cm
  • Base Thickness 0.5cm


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