14 C.G.E. Medicine Balls Set + Rack


14 Medicine Ball Set (2 x 4kg, 2 x 5kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 7kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 9kg, 2 x 10kg)

Includes 4 Sided Rack to hold up to 20 balls
Excellent Set for a Gym, Fitness or PT Studio

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The 14 C.G.E. Medicine Balls Set + Rack:

Get this ultimate Medicine Balls set + 4 Sided Rack for your home or commercial gym and be fully equipped to take on any workout. Medicine Balls are a great addition to any core training or circuit training workout. They are the perfect product for buddy workout, easily transportable and also represent a safe and effective option for resistance workout.

The 4 Sided Medicine Ball Rack holds up to 20 wall balls, slamming balls or medicine balls, offering premium storage for you when you’re finished with a workout.


Product Features:

  • Set includes: 2 x 4kg, 2 x 5kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 7kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 9kg, 2 x 10kg Medicine balls + Medicine balls rack
  • Medicine Ball Rack can store up to 20 balls
  • Rack dimensions: 63cm x 63cm x 142cm
  • High quality, commercial-grade medicine balls
  • Textured rubber, firm surface
  • Solid round rubber weighted core
  • Clearly marked in kilograms on the side of the ball


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