Gym Climbing Peg Board


Grip And Forearm Strength Increase

Target Areas You Wouldn’t Normally Target

Simple And Easy Installation

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The Climbing Peg Board:

Climbing Peg Board is made from top quality wood to ensure longevity.. Each set includes one 3.8cm thick, 180cm height board and two grip-friendly wood dowel rods.

An increasingly popular tool for upper body training, climbing peg boards can be a simple but dynamic addition to a small garage gym or a large training facility. Performing Peg Board climbs involves more natural – as well as more complex – movements. And by training in this way, you’ll be able to highlight and work on your weaker areas, which could be holding you back.

Not only that they are fun to use, climbing peg boards are one of the simplest and most challenging ways to improve your functional strength.


Product Features:

  • Made of natural wood
  • Board size: 180cm x 30cm x 3.8cm
  • Easy to install on any wall
  • Offers better grip and forearm strength
  • Sustained tension and core stability


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