Glute Ham Raise Developer


Thick Padded Upholstery For Comfort And Durability

Durable Frame Construction, Max Loading Weight 300kg

Works Glutes, Hamstrings, Buttocks, Abs & Obliques

Black Powder Coat Finish

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Glute Ham Raise Developer:

Isolate and strengthen lower body muscle groups with our Glute Ham Raise Developer. These muscle groups include glutes, buttocks, lower back, hamstrings, core. The Glute Ham Raise is an essential tool for the development of speed and power for both dynamic field athletes and strength athletes by strengthening the posterior chain.

This high-quality GHD is heavy-duty, very stable and is designed with comfortable hip pads and horizontally adjustable ankle lock in foam rollers. The high-quality welded and bolted base frame guarantees additional robustness.


Product Features:​​​​​​​

  • Durable frame construction 70mm x 50mm x 2mm
  • Maximum loading weight 300kg
  • Large, thick and comfortable hip foam padding
  • Horizontally adjustable ankle foam rollers
  • Weight plate loading pin for extra stability
  • Black powder coat finish

Product Dimensions:

  • Length – 194cm
  • Width – 75cm
  • Height – 110cm
  • Weight – 65kg


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