C.G.E. Power Bag 5kg


Comes In 5kg Size

Strong design with easy grip handles for maximum support, durability and portability

Carry handles on top and on both ends


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The C.G.E. Power Bag 5kg:

Boost your training session with our superior 5kg C.G.E. Power Bag, designed to be used as an alternative workout tool to the med ball, dumbbells or barbells.

High level sandbag training is fantastic for fat burning, strength training and endurance – and is a great workout for other wide variety of training activities.

The C.G.E Power Bags are sand filled for effectiveness, it features a high tech foam padding for long lasting performance, and comes with a quality zipper for convenient opening and closing.


Product Features:

  • Size: 5kg
  • Strong design with easy grip handles for maximum support, durability and portability
  • Carry handles on top and on both ends
  • Special inner bags to hold the sand so it does not leak
  • Excellent for all types of fitness, strength, endurance training, boot camp activities, circuit training.



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