C.G.E Free Standing Squat Stands

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Heavy Duty Build 50X50X2MM Frame Construction

Adjustable Height From 106cm To 165cm

Adjustable Safety Spotting Arms With Locking Nut

Wide Base And Non-Slip Rubberized Feet Ensures Maximum Stability

Compact And Portable Design

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The C.G.E Free Standing Squat Stands:

Our Free Standing Squat Stands are made from robust 50x50x2mm steel and provide a solid and stable foundation for your heaviest lifts. No wobbling, no compromises—just a secure platform for your workouts. In addition Stands comes with weight plates storage pins that will offer even extra stability when weights are placed on it.

Customize the height to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re working on squats, bench presses, or overhead presses, easily adjust from 106cm to 165cm the stands to the perfect height for your body and exercise. Our Stands feature reliable spotter arms, providing a safety net for those intense lifts.


Product Features:

  • Made of 50 x 50 x 2mm steel box
  • Maximum weight capacity 250kg
  • Adjustable height 106cm to 165cm
  • Adjustable spotting arms with locking nut
  • Easy height adjustment system with pull pin
  • Wide base and rubberized covers
  • Color: Mat Black
  • FREE delivery in Republic of Ireland

Product Dimensions:

  • Length 50cm
  • Width 50cm
  • Height 106cm – 165cm
  • Weight 13kg (each)


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