Battle Rope Anchor – Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty Battle Rope Anchor

Great For Battle Ropes, Yoga Swing, Hammock, Strength Training Systems

Comes With All Necessary Mounting Hardware

Easy To Install To Wall Or Floor


In stock


The Battle Rope Anchor:

Battle Rope Anchor – the perfect solution for securely anchoring your battle ropes and enhancing your high-intensity workouts. Designed for both home and commercial gym settings, this robust and versatile anchor ensures your battle ropes stay firmly in place, allowing you to focus on building strength, endurance and power.


Product Features:

  • Heavy duty Battle Rope Anchor
  • Suitable for mounting to walls & floors
  • Comes with 4 mounting bolts
  • Thickened D 20mm ring
  • Built to withstand intense workouts
  • Easy to install


Product Dimensions:

  • Base length: 270mm
  • Base width: 65mm
  • Base thickness: 4mm
  • Loop diameter: 20mm
  • Loop height: 100mm
  • Loop width: 11.5mm
  • Internal loop: 7.7cm x 8cm


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