15 Body Pump Sets Package With Storage Rack


Body Pump Rack Stores Up To 15 Body Pump Sets

Excellent Choice Fitness & Class Studios

Effective Way To Store Body Pump Sets With Minimal Floor Space

Dual Grip Discs Are Easily Interchangeable For Varying The Weight

Adjustable Weight Up To 20kg Allowing For A Wide Range Of Exercises


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The 15 Body Pump Sets package WITH STORAGE RACK:

The Body Pump Set is adaptable to all fitness levels, ranging from beginner to experienced. The range of plates allows the fitness user to build and progress at their own pace towards lifting the maximum weight level by increasing muscle endurance gradually. Plates can be mixed and matched to suit both low and high intensity workouts.

20 Body Pump Sets Package With Storage Rack is excellent choice for fitness studio or any commercial facility who is looking to have their equipment in one tidy place. Our Body Pump Rack easily fits all 15 Body Pump Sets to keep your fitness area safe and tidy.

Package Includes:

    • 15 Body Pump Sets
    • One Storage Rack

product features:

  • Rack stores up to 15 Body Pump Sets
  • Rack dimensions: 140cm x 45.50cm x 107cm
  • This rack stores 1” weight plates
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Reinforced steel tubes
  • Cast iron steel plates and high quality rubber coating
  • Steel bar with durable foam cover for extra comfort and grip
  • Dual grip weight plates for easy handling
  • Black plastic bar end-caps to protect floors


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