6m Agility Ladder

15,50  13,20 

Increase feet speed and coordination with agility drills

Fun way to burn calories

Excellent for group training of any age


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Aerobic Step


Great for low impact fitness

Fitness for any age

3 height levels – 10cm, 15cm & 20cm

  Height blocks store underneath – easy to store and transport

  Adjustable height helps vary intensity of workouts


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Arm Blaster


Classic bodybuilding accessory invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Amazing at isolating the biceps and getting the pump

Adjustable strap to snugly fit any torso-to-arm length


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boxing bag rack

Boxing Bag Wall Bracket


Heavy duty fully welded Boxing Bag Bracket

Build from heavy duty and thick metal to ensure longevity

Anchored to the wall with 8 bolts to hold heaviest bags

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Barbell Shoulder Foam Pad

C.G.E Barbell Shoulder Foam Pad


Protects traps and shoulders during squats

Perfectly fits 2″ barbells

Fits perfectly in your GYM bag


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support pad for barbells

C.G.E. Barbell Shoulder Pad


Protects Traps And Shoulders During Squats

Excellent Protection While Performing Heavy Squats

Fits 2″ barbells


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leather boxing bag

C.G.E. PU Leather Boxing Bags

99,00 159,00 

Available In 3 Sizes (105cm, 120cm, 150cm)

Made Of Heavy Duty PU Leather

Perfect For Conditioning Work And Increasing Punching Or Kicking Power


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EVA Neoprene Exercise Yoga Mat

EVA Neoprene Exercise Mat


Comfortable, Ultra – Lightweight and Durable

Large Mat Size (180cm x 60cm x 0.6cm)

Built-In Handle and Roll Strap

Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and Toning Exercises



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Folding Exercise Mat

Folding Exercise Mat


Folds For Easy Transport And Storage

Mat Size: 180cm x 60cm x 3cm

Extra Thick Mat 3cm Guarantees Your Comfort

Made Of Strong PVC Materials, Extra Resistant To Wear And Tear



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NBR Blue Green Purple Mats

NBR Exercise Yoga Mat 10mm

15,00 19,00 

Ideal for yoga, pilates, exercise, stretching and toning workouts

Non-slip surface grips the floor to prevent injuries

Cushions the spine, feet, hands and joints

Insulates against hot or cold floors



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Olympic Spring Collars


Fits 2″ barbells, dumbbells & EZ bars

Easy To Slide On And Off

Stylish Chrome Finish


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Pro Style Aerobic Step


Great For Low Impact Fitness

Fitness For Any Age

3 Height Levels – 10cm, 15cm & 20cm

  Height Blocks Store Underneath – Easy To Store And Transport

  Adjustable Height Helps Vary Intensity Of Workouts


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T-Bar Row Platform

T-Bar Row Attachment – Landmine Platform


Full 360-degree Swivel design

Fits both 25mm and Olympic 50mm bars

Great for improving your strength and power increase

Heavy duty, versatile, compact, affordable

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Weight Lifting Belt

Weight Lifting Belt

25,50 28,00 

Available sizes: S(110cm), M(120cm), L(130cm), XL(140cm)

4” wide Weight Lifting belt for the perfect back and abdomen protection

Made with authentic suede cowhide leather for durability


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ZO4 Plyometric Box Set

ZO4 Plyometric Box Set (3 Boxes)


Heights: 40cm, 55cm, 60cm (Differrent heights or additional boxes available on request)

Heavy-duty frame steel 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Strong and sturdy with a non-slip rubber top


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