Z07XX Prowler

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Please Note:

This item is made on order. So please allow 5-8 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Various colours available for steel frame and upholstery


The Prowler sled is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that offers many benefits, produces incredible results in a very little amount of time, and gives you a huge bang for your buck. It can be used to help you develop strength or power (depending on how you use it), improve your conditioning, increase your muscle hypertrophy, and it is a great tool for fat loss.

The Prowler sled is incredibly beneficial as it mimics the lower body mechanics of running, but with significantly less wear and tear on the body. In fact, a lot of people who might not otherwise be able to run can obtain similar, if not better results, by using the Prowler sled.

Unlike most pieces of equipment, the Prowler sled allows you to train a large variety of movements.


Product Features:

  • Made from 60 x 40 x 2mm steel box
  • Fully welded construction
  • Improves strength, power and speed
  • Trains a variety of movement patterns
  • Free Delivery in Republic of Ireland

product dimensions:

  • Length 92cm
  • Width 52cm
  • Height 100cm
  • Weight 26kg

Additional information



Frame Color

Melon Yellow, Deep Orange, Flame Red, Wine Red, Ultra-Marine Blue, Moss Green, Yellow Green, Anthracite Grey, Window Grey, Light Grey, Chocolate Brown, Black, Silver-Grey Aluminium, Pure White


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