Wall Mount Single Barbell Holder


Crafted From 8mm Thick High-Quality Steel

Plastic Padding To Protect The Barbells

Keeps Your Barbells Tidy And Organized With Optimized Space

Supplied With Bolts To Mount It To The Wall


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Wall Mount Single Barbell Holder

This Wall Mounted Single Barbell Holder frees up valuable floor space in your gym or home workout area, ensuring a clutter-free workout environment and efficient use of your space.

Crafted from 8mm high-quality steel, ensuring long-lasting durability. Our holder includes secure mounting hardware for easy installation. Once mounted, it provides a stable and reliable storage solution for your barbell.


Product Features:

  • Heavy duty 8mm steel holder
  • Hard plastic padding to protect the barbell
  • Comes with wall mounting bolts
  • Color: Black Mat


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