V4 Standing Hip Abductor/Adductor Machine

2,537.00 + VAT

80kg weight stack

Standing Hip Movement for better contraction

Adjustable foam rollers and foot platforms



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Please Note:

This item is made on order. So please allow 10-12 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Various colors available for steel frame and upholstery.


The V4 Standing Hip Abductor/Adductor Machine:

Hip Abduction isolates the muscles located on the lateral side of your thighs and the buttocks. The job of the abductors is to move your thigh away from the midline (central axis) of the body. It may make your hip joint less prone to injury and it is useful addition is sport disciplines where jumping and sprinting are involved. Golfers also benefit from strong and developed abductors because these muscles help shift body weight during the swing.

The Abductor / Adductor Machine hip movement helps to develop muscles of your inner thighs and belongs to the isolated, single-joint exercise category because only the hip joints are mobilized. The main job of the adductor’s is to pull your legs together (moving the thigh towards or across the mid-line of the body), so they work in opposition to your hip abductors. The two are often exercised one after the other to eliminate muscle imbalance, which can potentially lead to injury. Machine Abductors / Adductors are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. To avoid injury, be sure to warm up properly and avoid opening your legs wider than your own flexibility will easily allow.


product FEATURES:

  • Made of 100 x 50 x 3mm steel box (max loading weight: 300kg)
  • Powder coat finish
  • Standard 80kg weight stack (Extra 1kg – 3.50EUR)
  • Adjustable foot platform and foam roller
  • Thick and comfortable foam rollers
  • FREE delivery in Republic of Ireland


  • Length 115cm
  • Width 178cm
  • Height 180cm
  • Weight: 265kg

Additional information



Frame Color

Melon Yellow, Deep Orange, Flame Red, Wine Red, Ultra-Marine Blue, Moss Green, Yellow Green, Anthracite Grey, Window Grey, Light Grey, Chocolate Brown, Black, Silver-Grey Aluminium, Pure White


Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Gold, Granite Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Red, Oxide Red, Wine Red-


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