Soft Plyometric Box Set


Stackable design to save space

Securely attaches together with velcro strips

Made of PU leather and hardened foam for log lasting

Always safe jumping as boxes are soft all around

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Soft Plyometric Box SET:

Our Soft Plyometric Boxes are made from a high-density foam and covered with hard wearing, non-skid vinyl, and the main benefit is that the foam will absorb some impact during a landing.

The C.G.E. Soft Plyo Boxes provide the ultimate level of safety for plyometric jumping exercises. The combination of closed cell foam and solid foam encased in heavy duty PU leather, provides a firm, durable landing surface which solves the problem of athletes in fear of injury whilst jumping. As the biggest problem with getting athletes to perform high box jumps is the fear of injuring themselves, the solution for this is the C.G.E. Soft Plyometric Box Set!!!

These boxes are firm enough to perform plyometric movements yet soft enough that they will not injure your shins if you miss.


product features:

  • Variable-height Soft Plyometric Boxes with color coordination
  • Stack-able for enhanced use and easy storage
  • Anti-slip top and soft material for increased safety
  • Soft edges ensures safe jumping


product dimensions:

Length: 90cm
Width: 75cm
Height: Green: 15cm – 6 inches
Blue: 30cm – 12 inches
Red: 45cm – 18 inches
Black: 60cm – 24 inches
Total Stacked Height: 150cm – 60 inches


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