Rack/Rig Landmine Attachment 75x75mm


Fits All Racks/Rigs With 75x75mm Uprights

Fits All Racks/Rigs With 25mm Pin Hole

Designed To 50mm Standard Olympic Barbells

Engage Multiple Muscle Groups For A Full Body Workout

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Rack/Rig Landmine Attachment 75x75mm:

This Landmine Attachment is perfect for building core, back, abs and shoulder strength as well as to mimic sporting and rotating movements to work the stabilizer muscles. It is manufactured to be used with 50mm Olympic bars only.

This attachment has been manufactured with highest quality. The 3mm steel construction will take countless reps and withstand changeovers. Plastic spacers prevents form scratching the uprights.

Product Features:

  • Made from heavy duty 3mm thick steel
  • Suitable for 75x75mm uprights only
  • Fits 50mm Olympic bars
  • Fits all racks/rigs with 25mm pin hole
  • Great for developing core, back, shoulders muscles

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