Pro Farmer Walk Handles - Custom Gym Equipment, Tralee, Ireland
Farmers Walk HandleFarmers Walk Handle
Farmers WalkFarmers Walk

Pro Farmer Walk Handles


Excellent for hitting your back, shoulders and grip

Fully welded construction can take hundreds of kilograms

Upright bars allows easily take plates on and off

Red Frame + Black Upholstery, White Frame + Black Upholstery


The Pro Farmer Walk Handles:

These Pro Farmer Walk Handles are a step up from the regular Farmer Walk Handles. These handles are top loaded and designed for easier setup and fit all Olympic size 50mm plates. Pro Farmers Walk Handles are great for developing powerful legs and hips, also strengthening the core! The bottom of these Farmer Walks is raised to reduce the likelihood of injuries to the user’s feet.

The Farmers walk is a simple exercise that will seriously hit your back, shoulders, and grip. While you are ready to pass out from muscle failure you then realize that you are unable to pinpoint what failed first, your grip, or your cardio.


Product Features:​​​​​​​

  • Pro Farmer Walk Handles are sold as a pair
  • Fully welded construction
  • Bottom is raised to reduce risk of dropping weight on the feet
  • Grip handles are 32mm with knurling
  • Max loading 250kg on each handle
  • Each handle weighs approx 20kg

Additional information

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Red Frame + Black Upholstery, White Frame + Black Upholstery


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