Prime Grip Cable Attachment Handles - Black | Various Cable Attachments

Prime Grip Cable Attachment Handles – Black

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8 Different Style Attachments For Various Muscle Groups Training

Focus On Targeted Muscle Group, Not Your Grip Strength

More Comfortable Than Traditional Round Grip Handles

Swiveled Non Slip Rubberized Paddle Handles

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The Prime Grip Cable Attachment Handles:

The PRIME Grip Cable Attachment Handles are different story all together. The unique swivel design of these handles yields a drastic increase in output potential. The ergonomically enhanced grip of these handles reduce grip fatigue, allowing for optimal exercise efficiency and are perfect for use with any cable machine.

Prime Grip Handles:

  •   The unique swivel design of these handles yields a drastic increase in output potential on select exercises when executing    bilateral cable work on our Functional Trainer. The best handles in the world just got better!

Prime Grip Short Bar:

  •  For use with the original Prime Grip Handles. Offers a max width of 18” down to a minimum width of 9” in 1” increments.

Prime Grip Long Bar:

  • For use with the original Prime Grip Handles. Offers a max width of 36” down to a minimum width of 18” in 1.5” increments.

Prime Grip Landmine Bar:

  • Offers improved flexibility, mobility and execution. Users can tailor the exercise to their own individual biomechanics, increasing the opportunity for maximum output. For use with the original Prime Grip Handles. Offers a maximum width of 17” and a minimum width of 8” in 1” increments.

Prime Grip Spreader Bar:

  • The Spreader Bar can be used for all sorts of movements like tricep pushdowns, pulldowns, curls, pull aparts, and many other exercise. This is one of the most versatile attachments in the Prime Grip lineup and it’s largely due to the unilateral ball joint design that allows the handles to spin 360° while under load.

Prime 3 in 1 Multi-Grip Handles 6″ and 14″:

  •  These handles feature the same ergonomic paddle grip you love on the original Prime Grip Handles, but these have been taken to a whole new level of versatility. The Prime Grip 3 in 1 Handles offer a 3-grip position feature that can be adjusted from a neutral grip to a semi-pronated or semi supinated position in just seconds.

Prime 4 in 1 Multi Grip Handles 20″:

  • The Prime Grip 4 ir 1 Handles are very similar to the 3 in 1 Handles, but allow the handles to turn one more angle. This means you can do full pronation, semi-pronation, neutral grip, and semi-supination. These are 20″ wide.


Product Features:

  • Accommodated biomechanics for isolating the lats
  • 8 different types cable attachments with various grip positions
  • More efficient and less fatiguing grip position, designed to evenly distribute force throughout the hand
  • Ability to concentrate on developing a specific muscle group, instead of maintaining your grip strength
  • High density, textured rubber coating that won’t scratch or chip your equipment
  • Made of solid steal and covered with textured rubber coating

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Full Set Prime Grips, Prime Grip Handles, Prime Grip Short Bar, Prime Grip Long Bar, Prime Grip Spreader Bar, Prime Grip Landmine Bar, Prime 3 in 1 Multi-Grip 6", Prime 3 in 1 Multi-Grip 14", Prime 4 in 1 Multi-Grip 20"

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