Olympic Barbell (8 Bearings)


Robust, High Quality Olympic 20KG Barbell

Rated up to Massive 700KG

Fits All 2″ Diameter Weight Plates

Great Bar For Squats, Deadlift, Bench Press or Any Other General Training

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The Olympic Barbell (8 Bearings):

When it comes to weight training, barbells are easily the most popular choice among fitness enthusiasts as they offer far more versatility than fixed-weight machines.

This 20kg bar features a 28mm shaft, 8 bearings, no center knurling, and dual knurl markings for weightlifting or powerlifting. It has been rated at a 700kg (1500lbs.) maximum load so you can take your weight training to the maximum! Fitted for Olympic weights, which are 2-inches in diameter this barbell can take cast iron, rubber coated, bumper weight plates.

Challenge yourself with exercises such as: the bench press, trunk rotation, barbell row, biceps curl, triceps extension, deadlift, shrug, squat, lunge and more, to target all of the major muscle groups in the body. Toning and strengthening these muscles will not only add spectacular definition to your body, it will also help improve muscular endurance, promote healthy weight loss and assist with injury prevention.


Product Features:

  • Bar: 220cm x 28mm x 20kg, 8 bearings
  • For use with 2” Olympic Plates
  • Tested Weight Limit 700kg
  • Medium knurling on the bar for better grip
  • Perfect bar for cross fit, power lifting and general training



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