MAG Various Grip Cable Attachment Set


5 Different Style Attachments For Various Muscle Groups Training

Focus On Targeted Muscle Group, Not Your Grip Strength

More Comfortable Than Traditional Round Grip Handles

Textured Non Slip Rubber Coating Won’t Chip Or Scratch Equipment


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The  mag various grip Cable Attachment set:

This set comes of five cable attachments, each with unique lengths and grip hand positions, to help you better target muscle groups and build stronger arms, shoulders, triceps, and upper, middle and lower back. Mag Grip Cable Attachments are specifically designed to target the back muscles by reducing hand, wrist & forearm fatigue.

Mag Grip Cable Attachments were designed with rounded ends to help you get the most out of your weightlifting goals which take less strain out of your arms and puts more intensity into your back. Non slip, textured rubber coated rounded handles make it easier to lift heavy without ripping or tearing your hands. It also gives you more stability and control over your lifts for better consistency in the gym.

These comes in medium neutral grip, wide grip, pronate medium grip, close neutral grip, and pronate close grip which is ideal for all gym users, bodybuilders, or anyone who is looking to improve their targeted growth.


Product Features:

  • Set of 5 cable attachments with various grip positions
  • More efficient and less fatiguing grip position, designed to evenly distribute force throughout the hand
  • Ability to concentrate on developing a specific muscle group, instead of maintaining your grip strength
  • High density, textured rubber coating that won’t scratch or chip your equipment
  • Made of solid steal and covered with textured rubber coating
  • FREE delivery on this set!

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  1. David

    Fast delivery and great quality

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  2. Stephen B.

    Beefy , yet comfortable. Seems to be very good quality after 1 week since purchase

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  3. Dominic McGlinchey

    Fantastic product. Really effecient ordering and delivery time

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  4. Gavin D.

    Great Service, quick delivery class products.

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  5. Marc Cleary

    Really want to blast your back, ditch standard pull-down bars and get these!

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