M9 Pec Deck/Rear Delt Machine

2,374.00 + VAT

Chest / Rear Delt Fly Combo Machine

Comes With 80kg Weight Stack, Extra Weight Is Optional

Great Dual Machine for Performing Chest and Rear Delt Flays



Please Note:

This item is made on order. So please allow 10-12 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Various colors available for steel frame and upholstery.


The M9 Pec Deck/Rear Delt Machine:

Pec Deck:

This is a variation of the dumbbell chest fly using a machine. Machine fly can be a useful companion exercise to the machine bench press. It allows you to work your chest muscles through a greater range of motion while keeping your body well supported. This exercise provides optimum isolation (single-joint exercise) of the pectoral muscles without bringing in the triceps.

The biggest advantage of the arms open exercise (machine fly using vertical handles) is that the tension remains more or less constant over the whole of the movement and is not lost in the closing phase.

Rear Delt:

Rear Delt Machine is an excellent exercise for the rear part of the shoulder. Rear Delt fly machine provides a uniform resistance throughout the range of movement. The machine also offers several technical adjustments to grip, trajectory, and range of motion to help isolate the posterior deltoid. The rear deltoid machine fly is a better alternative to bent over lateral raise because the stack based machine would provide continuous tension in a circular pathway. Also, the machine allows you to work with considerable weight without using your torso to cheat, as is often the case in the equivalent free weight exercise. It is also easier on your back, which does not have to hold you in the standing position.



  • Made of 100 x 50 x 3mm heavy duty steel box (max loading weight: 200kg)
  • Easy pin pull system allows quickly change exercises
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Weight stack 80kg. (Extra 1kg – 3.50EUR)
  • FREE delivery in Republic of Ireland

Product Dimensions:

  • Length 180cm
  • Width 81-150cm
  • Height 210cm
  • Weight: 215kg

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Frame Color

Melon Yellow, Deep Orange, Flame Red, Wine Red, Ultra-Marine Blue, Moss Green, Yellow Green, Anthracite Grey, Window Grey, Light Grey, Chocolate Brown, Black, Silver-Grey Aluminium, Pure White


Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Gold, Granite Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Red, Oxide Red, Wine Red-


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