M7 6 Person Multi Station

5,132.005,615.00 + VAT

80kg weight stacks, extra weight is optional

Multi Gym cable system – ideal for training groups or a home gym that wants an all-in-one

Comfortable and adjustable foam pads

Excellent space saver Multi Station allowing to workout up to 6 athletes at the same time


Please Note:

This item is made on order. So please allow 10-12 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Various colors available for steel frame and upholstery.


The M7 6 Person Multi Station:

It’s an excellent piece of equipment, great space saver Multi Station and the main advantage of it, that allows to workout up to 7 athletes at the same time and makes it ideal for circuit group training, PT studio, GAA club, full commercial gym or any fitness facility!

This Multi-Station can be customized according to your needs and taste. Any of the machines from our range can be added on, or replaced to a required one. Also it is possible to build up the other side of this machine and have a complete gym Jungle Station!

Lat Pull Down:  Wide grip lat pull-down is a great exercise for your back if you lack the upper body strength to lift your own body-weight in the regular chin-up (pull-up). This exercise is done on a machine found in almost every gym. A long horizontal overhead bar is attached to a cable that ties into a stack of weights. You can increase the resistance to build your strength gradually. Because it is done with a machine, the movements are easy to control.

Low Row :  The seated cable row (seated pulley row) is a key muscle builder and strength developer for your back. However, good technique is important if you are to achieve optimum results safely. If you want to take your training to a new level, try this pure strength move commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. Seated cable row is the perfect exercise for sculpting the entire back, especially the upper-middle back.

Leg Extension: Leg extension machine helps isolate the quads – one of the biggest muscle group in your body – and can produce outstanding definition in your thighs. Quads work to straighten the knees, so this exercise can help protect your knees or assist with rehabilitation after a knee injury. A leg extension machine can work each leg individually or both legs together.



  • It’s a 6 in 1 Multi Station
  • Multiply pulley system provides smooth movement
  • Chin up bar
  • Cable cross over – 80kg weight stack on each side
  • Leg extension – 80kg weight stack
  • Lat pull-down – 80kg weight stack
  • Low row – 80kg weight stack
  • Extra weight on the standard weight stack 3.50EUR per 1kg
  • Powder coat finish
  • FREE delivery on this item in Republic of Ireland

Size of the metal profile:

  • 60 x 60 x 2mm (max loading weight: 200kg)
  • 80 x 80 x 3mm (max loading weight: 500kg)

Product Dimensions:

  • Length 550cm
  • Width 340cm
  • Height 245cm
  • Weight: 720kg (60x60x2mm)
  • Weight: 870kg (80x80x3mm)


Additional information


60x60x2mm, 100x50x3mm

Frame Color

Melon Yellow, Deep Orange, Flame Red, Wine Red, Ultra-Marine Blue, Moss Green, Yellow Green, Anthracite Grey, Window Grey, Light Grey, Chocolate Brown, Black, Silver-Grey Aluminium, Pure White


Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Gold, Granite Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Red, Oxide Red, Wine Red-


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