Freestanding Punching Dummy Man


Like A Real Opponent, Creating More Realistic Training Experience.

Crafted From Durable Latex Rubber Skin

Endures The Toughest Punches And Kicks – Ideal For Beginners And Experienced Fighters.

Freestanding Base Ensures The Dummy Remains In Place During Training Sessions

Adjustable Height To Accommodate Users Of Various Heights

Minimizes The Risk Of Injury Compared To Sparring With A Human Partner


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Freestanding Punching Dummy Man:

Elevate your combat sports training with the Freestanding Punching Dummy Man – your dedicated partner for perfecting strikes, kicks, and grappling techniques. Designed to withstand your most powerful moves, this versatile training tool is here to help you sharpen your skills and reach new heights in your martial arts journey.

Our Dummy Man mimics the proportions and flexibility of a real opponent, creating a more realistic training experience. It’s like having a sparring partner that’s always ready to go. The freestanding base 57cm x 57cm size is designed for stability, ensuring the dummy remains in place during your training sessions. This can be filled with water or sand.

Product Features:

  • Made From Durable Latex Rubber Skin
  • Realistic targeting zones – head and body shots
  • Adjustable height 161cm – 187cm
  • Base size 57cm x 57cm wide
  • Base capacity 100 liters
  • Base fallible with sand or water
  • If filled with water, approx weight 95kg
  • If filled with sand, approx weight 150kg
  • Great for practicing striking techniques, grappling, or self-defense moves


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