A8X Incline Chest/Rear Delt Fly Machine

1,530.00 + VAT

Versatile Machine Targeting Your Upper Chest And Rear Deltoid Muscles

Independent Arm Movement Helps Correct Any Strength Imbalances

Adjustable Seat Allow Users Of All Sizes To Find The Most Comfortable And Effective Position

Smooth and Controlled Motion Through Out The Movement

Sturdy and Durable Build Ensures Durability And Longevity


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Please Note:

This item is made on order. So please allow 10-12 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Various colors available for steel frame and upholstery.


The A8X Incline Chest/Rear Delt Fly Machine:

This versatile machine combines two essential exercises in one and makes if great fitness solution for a well-rounded upper body workout.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of a two-in-one upper body workout with our Incline Chest Fly/Rear Delt Combo Machine. Build a stronger, more defined upper body while improving posture and stability. Take the first step towards a fitter you and explore the benefits of this dynamic exercise machine!


Product Features:

  • Target chest and read delt muscles with this combo machine
  • Easily pull pin switch between two exercises
  • Smooth and controlled range of motion
  • 45 degree angle
  • Adjustable seat height to accommodate all size users
  • Full commercial use
  • Powder coat finish
  • FREE shipping in Republic of Ireland


Product Dimensions:

  • Length 179cm
  • Width 123cm
  • Height 120cm
  • Weight 65kg


Size of the metal profile:

  • 100 x 50 x 3 mm (max loading weight: 150kg)


Additional information



Frame Color

Melon Yellow, Deep Orange, Flame Red, Wine Red, Ultra-Marine Blue, Moss Green, Yellow Green, Anthracite Grey, Window Grey, Light Grey, Chocolate Brown, Black, Silver-Grey Aluminium, Pure White


Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Gold, Granite Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Red, Oxide Red, Wine Red-


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