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leg curl

D5 Seated Hamstring Curl

D5 Seated Hamstring Curl

1.338,00  + VAT

Adjustable Back Rest Position

2 Weight Plate Storage Pegs

Durable & Comfortable Cushion Supports


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M6X Standing Leg Curl

M6X Standing Leg Curl

1.750,00  + VAT

80kg weight stack (Extra 1kg – 3.50EUR)

Adjustable foam rollers

Unique standing leg curl machine


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M8 Lying Curl/Leg Extension

M8 Lying Curl/Leg Extension

2.120,00 2.335,00  + VAT

80kg weight stack (Extra 1kg – 3.50EUR)

Leg extension / Ham curl combo machine

Thick and comfortable adjustable foam rollers

Great machine to finish your leg workout


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M8XX Lying Leg Curl / Leg Extension

999,00 1.224,00  + VAT

Leg Extension / Ham Curl Combo Machine

Durable & Comfortable Padding

Adjustable Back Rest And Foam Rollers


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M8XX2 Seated Leg Curl/Leg Extension

2.374,00  + VAT

Thick and Comfortable Adjustable Foam Rollers

Comes With 80kg Weight Stack, Extra Weight Is Optional

Great Machine to Develop Hamstring and Quad Muscles

2 in 1 Machine – Fore Those Who Is Looking To Save Gym Area Room

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seated-leg extension-leg-curl-machine-M8xxx

M8XXX Leg Curl/Leg Extension

1.310,00  + VAT

Leg Curl / Extension Combo Machine

Adjustable Back Rest For Comfortable Use

Durable – Comfortable Seat And Foam Rollers

Easy Pull And Pin System

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