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4 Sided Medicine Ball Rack

14 C.G.E. Medicine Balls Set + Rack


14 Medicine Ball Set (2 x 4kg, 2 x 5kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 7kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 9kg, 2 x 10kg)

Includes 4 Sided Rack to hold up to 20 balls
Excellent Set for a Gym, Fitness or PT Studio

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48″ Lat Pull-Down Bar


Made Of Solid Steel To Provide A Solid & Secure Workout

Ergonomically Angled Bar Eds

Six Knurl-Textured Rubber Grips Allowing Multi-Function Usage

Excellent Bar For Getting Your Back In That V Shape


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6m Agility Ladder


Increase feet speed and coordination with agility drills

Fun way to burn calories

Excellent for group training of any age

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Ab Wheel Roller


AB Roller Targets Your Arms, Shoulders, Back And Abdomen Muscles

Lightweight And Portable

Heavy Duty Construction, Can Hold up To 200kg

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weighted adjustable skipping rope

Adjustable Weighted Skipping Rope


Rope length 3m (Adjustable)

Premium quality, safe and durable

Anti-slip handles ensure the perfect grip even for intense exercise sessions

It technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action.



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Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Straps


Neoprene Padding For More Comfortable Heavy Lifts

Made From Highest-Quality Cotton

Implemented Rubber Dots Increases Grip Efficiency

Weight Lifting Straps Excellent For Rowing or Pulling Exercises

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Arm Blaster

26,00 29,50 

Classic bodybuilding accessory invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Amazing at isolating the biceps and getting the pump

Adjustable strap to snugly fit any torso-to-arm length

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Barbell Clamp Jaw Collars 2″


Fits All 50mm Barbells & EZ Bars

Safely Locks And Secures Weight Plates In Position.

Prevents Weight Plates From Slipping Or Moving

Fast And Easy to Lock On And Off

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Booty Band Set


Comes In 3 Levels Resistance

Durable & Non-Slip Fabric Material

Resistance Level Ranges From 25kg up to 70kg

Light-weight With Carry Bag Makes It Easy To Exercise Anywhere!

Excellent For Pilates, Squats, Crossfit, Glute Bridges ect

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anti-slip weightlifting-gym-straps

C.G.E Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Straps


Extra Padding For More Comfortable Heavy Lifts

Made From High Quality Cotton For Longer Durability

Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Straps Excellent For Shrugs, Dead-Lifts, Barbell Rows…

Made From High Quality Cotton

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Barbell Shoulder Foam Pad

C.G.E Barbell Shoulder Foam Pad


Protects Traps And Shoulders During Heavy Squats

Perfectly Fits 2″ Barbells

Large And Extra Thick Foam Shoulder Pad


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resistance power bands

C.G.E Rubber Power Bands

8,50 28,00 

Available 6 different strengths

Premium 100% natural latex

Ranges from 3kg – 80kg in resistance (see below)


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C.G.E Wrist Wraps

10,50 12,50 

Provides A Super Tight Level Of Stabilization And Support

Made of Long Lasting Material

Multi-Purpose Use: Dips, Bench Press, Handstand, Push-Ups And More

Protects Your Wrists From Injury And Over-Stress

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support pad for barbells

C.G.E. Barbell Shoulder Pad


Protects Traps And Shoulders During Squats

Excellent Protection While Performing Heavy Squats

Fits 2″ barbells


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Medicine Balls

C.G.E. Medicine Balls 4kg-10kg

22,50 45,00 

Great to develop core strength, balance and coordination

Textured finish provides a superior grip

Available from 4KG up to 10KG

Ideal for both individual and group exercise

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Sand Bag 5kg

C.G.E. Power Bag 5kg up to 25kg

35,00 55,00 

Available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg sizes

Strong design with easy grip handles for maximum support, durability and portability

Carry handles on top and on both ends


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Sand Bags Set 5kg-25kg

C.G.E. Power Bag Set, 5kg-25kg


Set Comes With 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg Sizes Bags

Strong Design Multi-Grip Handles For Maximum Support, Durability And Portability

Get Variety Of Exercises With These Premium Quality Power Bags


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CGE-101 Rubber Gym Mats, Green

32,50 61,50 

Stylish Aqua Green Colour

1 tile = 1000 x 1000mm (looks like 4 tiles together)

Safe Fall Height:   0,7 m – 2,1m

Weatherproof, Impact Resistance, Friction Coefficient, Non slip, Sound Absorbing


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CGE-101 Rubber Gym Mats, Grey

32,50 61,50 

Stylish Midnight Grey Colour

1 tile = 1000 x 1000mm (looks like 4 tiles together)

Safe Fall Height:   0,7 m – 2,1m

Weatherproof, Impact Resistance, Friction Coefficient, Non slip, Sound Absorbing


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CGE-102 Playground Rubber Tiles

65,00 74,00 

Made ​​of rubber granules and polyurethane binder

Price per Tile (500mm x 500mm)

Weatherproof, Impact Resistance, Friction Coefficient, Shock And Sound Absorbing, Non Slip

Shipping cost €20.00 due to pallet size (Contact us for more info)



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