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Squat Racks & Stands

Custom Made Racks / Stands


AA1X Competition Bench With Squat Stand

1.849,00 1.995,00  + VAT

Designed To Meet International Power-Lifting Federation Technical Rules

Competition Combo Rack Allows Both – Squat and Bench Press

Fully Adjustable To Suit All User Heights With Option For Disabled Users

Leverage System Allows Height Adjustment With The Loaded Bar In Place

Easily Detachable Bench Press Section

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B11 Multi Functional Squat Rack/Smith Machine + Cable Cross Over

4.006,00  + VAT

All In One Training Station

Great Space Saving Combo Machine

Build From Heavy Duty Frame Construction To Ensure Longevity And Stability

Great Machine For Garage, Home or Any Commercial Gym

Offering To Train Wide Variety Of Exercises

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B5 Smith Machine

B5 Smith Machine

1.670,00 1.997,00  + VAT

Designed To Meet The Demand Of The Toughest Users

This Smith Machine Offers Optimal Training Comfort, Safety And Quality

Plate Storage Pegs

Fitted With Linear Bearings For Extra Smooth Movement


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B8 Half Rack

Half Rack B8

1.199,00 1.501,00  + VAT

Get Complete Workout With Our Half Rack

Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar, Power Band Pegs

8 x Plate Storage Pegs

Comes With 2 J Hooks And 2 Spotter Arms

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B9 Multifunctional Rack/Station

Multifunctional Squat Rack/Station B9

3.479,00  + VAT

80kg Weight Stack Included

Full Body Workout Multi-Station

Endless Exercises Abilities

Plate Storage Pegs

Works With Most Our Cable Attachments



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B6X Power Rack

Power Rack B6X

999,00 1.476,00  + VAT

Perfect Rack For Commercial Gyms, Power-Lifting, PT Studios

Many Compound Exercises Can Be Done On This Power Rack

Super Strong Frame Construction

Adjustable Safety Spotters And J Hooks

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Power Rack B7

1.212,00 1.476,00  + VAT

Perfect For Power-Lifters, PT Studios, Commercial Gyms

Fully Adjustable Safety Bars And J Hooks

Super Strong Frame Construction

Many Compound Exercises Can Be Done On This Power Rack


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S2 sissy squat

S2 Split Squat Stand

332,00  + VAT

Adjustable to 12 Height Positions

Large & Comfy Foam Roller

Durable And Sturdy Frame Construction


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B2XX Squat/Chin Up Stand

Squat & Chin Up Stand B2XX

888,00  + VAT

Perfect To Fit Into Smaller Spaces

Great For Home Gym Spaces

Holds Up To 280kg

Comes With Plate Storage Pegs, J Hooks, Chin-Up Bar

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B1 Squat Rack

Squat Rack B1

1.049,00 1.301,00  + VAT

Perfect For Home Or Commercial Gyms

Extended Safety Pegs For Squatting

Plate Storage Pegs

Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction

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B3 Squat Rack

Squat Rack B3

1.048,00 1.313,00  + VAT

Perfect For Home Or Commercial Gyms

Extended Safety Squatting Bars

Heavy Duty Steel Construction


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Squat Rack B4

873,00 1.244,00  + VAT

4 Plate Storage Pegs

Holds Up To 600kg (Larger Model)

Extra Strong And Sturdy Construction

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Squat Stand B2

999,00  + VAT

Perfect For Home Or Commercial Gyms

Various Racking On/Off Position Pegs To Suit All Body Sizes

Plate Storage Pegs

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B2X Squat Stand

Squat Stand B2X

684,00 799,00  + VAT

Comes With 2 Plate Storage Pegs And 2 J hooks

Great Space Saving Unit

Strong And Sturdy Construction

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