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Prime Grip Cable Attachment Handles

39,00 495,00 

8 Different Style Attachments For Various Muscle Groups Training

Focus On Targeted Muscle Group, Not Your Grip Strength

More Comfortable Than Traditional Round Grip Handles

Swiveled Non Slip Rubberized Paddle Handles

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Triceps Rope Cable Attachment


Designed To Optimize Triceps Contraction

Hardened Rubber Ends To Avoid Hand Slipping Off

Extremely Durable And Long Lasting

One Of The Most Popular Cable Attachments

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Tricep Press Down Attachment with Rubber Handgrips

Rubber V-Bar Cable Attachment


Rubber handles to improve grip

Angled to provide a greater stimulus to triceps


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single rope cable attachment

Single Grip Rope Cable Attachment


Perfect For Unilateral Training

Rubber End To Avoid Hand Slipping Off

Excellent For Triceps Extension Workout

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MAG Various Grip Cable Attachment Set


5 Different Style Attachments For Various Muscle Groups Training

Focus On Targeted Muscle Group, Not Your Grip Strength

More Comfortable Than Traditional Round Grip Handles

Textured Non Slip Rubber Coating Won’t Chip Or Scratch Equipment


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cambered lat pulldown bar

Lat Pulldown Bar Cable Attachment

45,00 49,00 

Angled handles to target back more efficiently

Potentially reduce shoulder irritation from lat pulldowns

2 sizes available


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straight bar attachment with rubber ends

Rubber End Straight Bar Cable Attachment


Ideal for arm training

Rubber ends to stop hands clipping off

Bar knurling to increase grip and target muscles easier


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straight bar attachment

Straight Bar Cable Attachment


Ideal for arm training

Bar knurling to aid in grip and target muscles more


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Seated Row Cable Attachment


Target your middle back with This Attachment

Bar knurling to increase grip and reduce wasted energy

Can be used on cable machines AND barbells


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Gym Cable

26,00 119,00 

Gym Replaceable Cable 5mm Thickness

Great For Gym Machines, Pulleys & Attachments

Maximize Your Equipment Quality, Safety, and Performance

Breaking Load is 870kg

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C2XX Adjustable Dual Cable Pulley Station

1.196,00 1.342,00  + VAT

Simple And Easy Pull Pin Adjustment System

Super Smooth Pulley System

Complete Basic System For Strength Training, Physiotherapy Or Rehabilitation

Full-Body Workout With Handy Training Attachments (Check out attachments HERE)


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M3 Single Cable Station

M3 Single Cable Station

1.258,00  + VAT

80kg weight stack

Works with all cable attachments (Find them HERE)


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M1 Seated Cable Row

M1 Seated Cable Row

1.430,00 1.794,00  + VAT

Perfect for all types of rows

Made of heavy duty steel frame and it going to last for years and years

Easily use any cable attachment on this machine (see cable attachments HERE)

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C2X Compact Cable Cross Over

C2X Compact Cable Cross Over

1.862,00 2.018,00  + VAT

Versatile Machine – To Work Muscles From All Different Angles And Directions

Loaded With 80kg Weight Stack On Each Side

Smaller Than Conventional Machines, Making It Perfect For Smaller Spaces

Works With All Cable Attachments (Check out our attachments HERE)

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C2 Cable Cross Over

C2 Cable Cross Over

1.862,00 2.018,00  + VAT

Classic cable crossover machine to target every muscle imaginable

80kg weight stack (Extra 1kg – 3EUR)

Fluid pulley system to reduce drag while exercising

Works with all cable attachments (Check out attachments HERE)


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Single Handle (Stirrup) Attachment

Single Handle (Stirrup) Attachment


Knurling for better grip

Easy rotation to of handle to keep tension on muscles


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Triceps Push-Down V-Bar Attachment

Tricep Push-Down V-Bar Attachment


Angled For More Triceps Stimulation

Knurling Grip To Provide Better Hand Grip

End Plates Stops From Hands Slipping Out

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M3X Overhead Triceps Extension Machine

1.674,00  + VAT

Dual cable system for Low-Pulley and High Pulley overhead pressing

80kg weight stack

Adjustable parts to suit all body sizes

Works with all cable attachments (Find them HERE)


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B9 Multifunctional Rack/Station

Multifunctional Squat Rack/Station B9

2.881,00  + VAT

80kg Weight Stack Included

Full Body Workout Multi-Station

Endless Exercises Abilities

Plate Storage Pegs

Works With Most Our Cable Attachments



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Commercial Half Rack With Lat Pulldown – Low Row System


Multi-functional Commercial Half Rack For A Complete Body Workout

Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar, Dipping Bars, Landmine Attachment

Massive 450kg Weight Load Capacity!

Build With 75x75x3mm Frame Construction

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